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1 March 2050 @07:49 GMT

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Majors and AAA Open, Offers on 21+
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22 Jun 2019

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17 Aug 2019 04:57:07 AM
Leagues are opening at the Major and AAA levels, and offers will open on all players 21-years-old or over. These players will also not be eligible in the park next year. These changes are a long time coming, and will bring fairness to the park. It has to be easier for new players to get involved - this will help.

These changes are really a long-time coming, I feel. I didn't like people robbing the park teams. I didn't know how to stop it, but now I do. I also like how this feels like the way college teams work, in the park. I'm a huge fan of the NCAA Football franchise, and I'm sad that it's gone. I always loved the franchise mode, and you got four years with your players and they were gone. I think this will be fun, and fair.

In the meantime, enjoy the Major and AAA levels. Might open them all next season, why not? With an extra class of players from Park and Rookies, there could be plenty of room for two more leagues.

Best of luck in 2036 and 2037!

22 Jun 2019

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17 Aug 2019 10:13:17 AM
For new players there is NO reason to make a public offer on any non-contract player - this does not make it more likely you will get the player when compared to a similar private offer.

It only makes your interest clear and puts the player on other players radar when he otherwise may not have been. Public offers are strictly for already contracted players with expiring contracts who will probably otherwise resign for their existing team without you getting a chance to sign them.

So at the moment since no players are under contract you should not under any circumstance make a public offer.

22 Jun 2019

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17 Aug 2019 08:36:21 PM
One more thing to add...
Public offers CAN NOT be taken back, while Private offers, which begin on the 20th at 8pm EDT (March to October) or 7PM EST (November to February) are able to be retracted.

So, if you make a public offer, that bid is locked in (as the bidders minimum for that player) until the first round of signings occur.

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