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28 October 2053 @04:20 GMT

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Happy New Server
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22 Jun 2019

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31 Dec 2019 08:46:18 PM
Ringing in the new year with a new webserver. Happy New Year! We're not going to have those "disk full" problems anymore. Also, the server bill just got a lot smaller each month. So this was just an all-around win. By the time you read this, you should be on the new server. You can verify this with the Copyright date on the bottom of the site. If it says "2019-20" then you're on the new server.

The main holdup to this was really cleaning up all the code changes that I made since bringing the site out of mothballs. I spent the day today going through them all, double-checking what they were and why, and documenting the changes. Then I checked them into the source code, and checked them out on the new server.

One thing that I'm going to embrace here, it seems, is changes happening at the exact break in the calendar month, GMT. Whenever that is, it will be a deadline for stadiums, leagues, everyone to have things together for the next season. That time will lock everything in place for the year, and then scripts are going to start running to schedule things. So everyone will just have to be aware of that, and it might be tough luck if things don't turn out exactly how you wanted.

The biggest obstacle to that is the proposal system. So this is where I would like to focus the time I have to work on SimYard. It needs to be completely automated, again, with a lock by the end of the month. If it's not passed by midnight GMT, then you don't get it for the next season. I would expect a whole suite of changes to improve proposals. This will allow them to be passed throughout the season, rather than in one big manual chunk by me at the end of the month.

So these would be two fantastic goals for 2020: Automate Proposals, and Automate League Scheduling. It would make the website completely self-sustained, needing no work from me on a monthly basis. The way I plan to do proposals, it also means laying the groundwork for a new more efficient codebase that we will need in place before the database gets "flood-sized" again. These would all be great things. Let's see if they actually happen.

Happy New Year!

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