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28 October 2049 @13:22 GMT

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The Buss Makes 600th Stop
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23 Jun 2019

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08 Sep 2020 03:21:57 PM
Fargo, ND - Hillsborough Hitmen closer Edward "The Buss" Bussey secured his post-flood SimYard legacy last night, notching his 600th save - the first player to do so since play resumed in 2034. The 34 year old left-hander had a less than ideal spring training and got off to a rough start to the 2049 season, blowing his first two save opportunities before recovering for 9 in a row en route to the 600 milestone. Fittingly, the save capped off a 1-0 victory over the long-time rival Fargo Balls - a match-up known to produce many such low-scoring affairs.

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