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24 September 2050 @22:59 GMT

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Not so random quotes
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17 Mar 2020

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Sacred Howling Wolves
1313 wins, 1120 losses
457,191 fans

Mysterious Shadow Wolves
600 wins, 382 losses
176,600 fans

Ancient Legendary Wolves
1518 wins, 1369 losses
7,094 fans

Twilight Hunting Wolves
1210 wins, 1395 losses
6,007 fans

Transcendental Mystic Wolves
760 wins, 347 losses
5,295 fans

Wahkan Sunkmanitu Tanka
328 wins, 335 losses
2,097 fans

Hollo Aksobaachi Waso
45 wins, 55 losses
311 fans

Forsaken Spirit Wolves
1 win, 1 loss
6 fans

20 Sep 2020 03:19:56 AM
According to The Atlantic, “one team of psychologists discovered that two-thirds of men and a quarter of women would rather self-administer electric shocks than sit alone with their thoughts for 15 minutes.”

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle

"Think about it? Screw it! Attach the jumper cables."
- Darwin award winner

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