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4 April 2047 @18:45 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Opens: 2.2 days Leagues Unlock: 2.2 days Generate Rookies: 5.7 days League Finances Unlo: 6.2 days Public Offers Begin: 6.2 days Extensions Open: 2.3 weeks Public Offers Close: 2.3 weeks Remove Expired Permi: 2.3 weeks

Golden Delicious at Alternia Carapacians
8 May 2039 @18:30
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Time Team Automanager Log
8 seconds Golden Delicious There is no rested pitcher in the Starting Rotation.
8 seconds Golden Delicious Terry Sutton chosen as the "best" fully rested SP not in the Starting Rotation. Paul Aguero has -50/13 endurance left. Leonard Islas has -6/13 endurance left. Nicholas Ricks has -1/17 endurance left. Herbert Martin has -28/11 endurance left.
8 seconds Alternia Carapacians Thomas Oliver chosen as first completely rested pitcher in the Starting Rotation.
12.2 minutes Alternia Carapacians Pulling Thomas Oliver because pitch count 110 has reached maximum 109 with endurance 24/24. Max PC 99 + 10 (2 outs) = 109
12.2 minutes Alternia Carapacians Johnny Payne brought in as ranked reliever in the 7th.

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