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28 October 2050 @00:54 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Park Semifinals Begi: 54.5 minutes ago Signing Announcement: 54.5 minutes ago Park Finals Begin: 9.1 hours Fanbase Shrinks: 22.1 hours Winter Leagues Begin: 23.1 hours Signing Announcement: 23.1 hours Signing Announcement: 47.1 hours Signing Announcement: 3 days

Evansville Crowns at Mothballs Team 1
5 April 2040 @20:50
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Time Team Automanager Log
11 seconds Evansville Crowns Jerry Jack chosen as first completely rested pitcher in the Starting Rotation. #1 starter James Bass has -46 endurance left.
11 seconds Mothballs Team 1 Edward Allen chosen as first completely rested pitcher in the Starting Rotation. #1 starter Terry Luedtke has -59 endurance left. #2 starter Donald Taylor has -61 endurance left.
13.4 minutes Mothballs Team 1 Pulling Edward Allen because pitch count 106 has reached maximum 96 with endurance 21/21. Max PC 96 = 96
13.4 minutes Mothballs Team 1 It's the 8th inning when leading by 1 runs, but there is no rested holder.
13.4 minutes Mothballs Team 1 Melvin Hudson brought in as ranked reliever in the 8th. Vincent Willmon has -13/19 endurance left with 33 fatigue. Richard Pena has -3/12 endurance left with 16 fatigue. Todd Wooton has -19/15 endurance left with 35 fatigue.
14.6 minutes Evansville Crowns Pulling Jerry Jack because pitch count 99 has reached maximum 88 with endurance 13/13. Max PC 88 = 88
14.6 minutes Evansville Crowns It's the 8th inning but there is no rested ranked reliever.
14.6 minutes Evansville Crowns Lorenzo Dove brought in as the "best" rested RP who is neither a Closer nor a Holder. Joshua Donovan has -1/6 endurance left with 8 fatigue. Robert Behler has -24/11 endurance left with 36 fatigue. Israel Hicks has 1/12 endurance left with 12 fatigue. Charles Carver has -6/4 endurance left with 11 fatigue.

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