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26 September 2041 @17:49 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Schedule Postseason: 6.2 hours Extensions Deadline: 6.2 hours Buyout Deadline: 6.2 hours Deadline to Leave Le: 6.2 hours Deadline to Create L: 6.2 hours Deadline for New Sta: 6.2 hours First Playoff Games : 8.2 hours Park Quarterfinals B: 20.2 hours

If You Drink Me You at MacArthur Park
8 May 2035 @14:20
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Time Team Automanager Log
11.7 minutes If You Drink Me You Pulling Eric Pellot because he has given up 8 runs.
11.7 minutes If You Drink Me You It's the 5th inning but there is no rested long reliever.
11.7 minutes If You Drink Me You John Bradley brought in as the "best" rested SP not in the starting rotation in the 5th inning. David Jones has -75/16 endurance left with 93 fatigue.
15.3 minutes MacArthur Park Pulling Quentin Bate because pitch count 130 has reached maximum 127 with endurance 12/12. Max PC 87 + 30 (manual) + 10 (2 outs) = 127

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