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20 August 2053 @16:54 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Public Offers Close: 7.1 hours Extensions Open: 7.1 hours Remove Expired Permi: 7.1 hours Leave League Deadlin: 6.3 days Schedule Postseason: 6.3 days Buyout Deadline: 6.3 days Extensions Deadline: 6.3 days New League Deadline: 6.3 days

SimYard is a fantasy baseball management simulation webgame. Unlike most fantasy baseball games, the players on your team do not represent real players in the major leagues. All of your players are fictitious, and they are yours to play, dismiss, and train, as you see fit.

Some of the more frequently-asked questions are displayed to the right. If you need more help, please head over to the forums and post a message.

There will be more detailed help files posted here as they are written.
Stadium Permit Features
These features require a Stadium Permit, which is as low as $5 - $8 / month, depending on the size of the farm system.

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What is SimYard?

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Why is it 20 August 2053?
A: SimYard is a brand new baseball history. There are no records or great players until they are created. Using a date in the past is a great way to reinforce this detail. Remember, every month is a brand new season, so eventually the game calendar will catch up with and overtake the real calendar.
Q: What does it mean when my pitchers are red?
A: After a pitcher pitches, he gets tired and needs to rest. When the pitcher is not at full rest, he appears red and there is a time displayed until he is fully rested. The amount of time needed for rest depends on the ENDurance stat and how many pitches were thrown. A pitcher may be played on short rest, and when this is available the pitcher displays a number like 3/14 which shows his relative effectiveness. Tired pitchers will not pitch as well as fully rested ones.
Q: Why does the automatic manager change my pitcher so early in the game?
A: There is only one reason why the automatic manager changes pitchers, because the pitcher is too tired to continue. Either you started the game with a red pitcher that was tired, or you used a relief pitcher (RP) to start the game. The manager will always put in the best pitcher available based on their stats, saving the closers for tight games.
Q: How do I get more fans for my team?
A: Every time a game is played, four new fans are generated and given to the teams that are playing. Typically three fans are for the winner and one fan is for the loser, but it gets more skewed when the margin of victory is wide. You can also increase the number of fans you earn from a game by interacting with the fans in the Public Fields and raising BUZZ for your team before you play. Each BUZZ lasts for an hour, and they add up if you get more than one.
Q: How do I get more players for my team?
A: If you interact with people in the park, you will mostly find fans to talk to. Occasionally, however, you will meet a baseball player who is looking for a team. When this happens, you can offer that player a spot on your team. You start with 25 players, but you may have up to 40 on your team.
Q: What format does my team logo need to be to use it?
A: Team logos can be .JPG or .GIF files, and must be 50x50 in size. If you are making your own image, it is recommended to use your primary team color as the background color. This makes the logo look really good when it shows up in the team summary box.
Q: How does the automatic manager work?
A: The automatic manager will substitute players in three cases. When a pitcher is tired and has warn out his arm, it will put in a new pitcher directly. It holds off on doing this sometimes when there are two outs, or when a starter is fighting to get through the 5th inning with a lead. Also, when a tired pitcher is due up next in the batting order, the automatic manager will put in a pinch hitter, and then choose a rested pitcher to replace him when the team goes back onto the field. The final time it will make a substitution is when an opposing pitcher of a different hand comes into the game. If this happens, it will substitute in one-for-one any player in the lineup for one in the lineup for the other-handed pitcher. If you go into the manager control screen and disable the automatic manager, then it will not put in any pinch hitters, but it will still substitute for a pitcher when he is tired.
Q: Can I trade players?
A: Once you join a league, you will be able to trade players with other teams in your league.

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