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20 August 2053 @15:14 GMT

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Scheduled Games
The playoffs will be held in a scheduled game format, similar to leagues. These games are scheduled to begin at a certain time. The teams invited to the playoffs do not need to be present. If your team is in the playoffs, and you are present for the game, you will be able to use the manager controls.

Final Standings
The seeding for the playoffs is based on the final standings based on losses subtracted from wins. This is the standard baseball standings formula which shows each team not in first as a certain number of games back (GB). In the case of a tie in the standings, the team which has the greatest run differential (RD) will have the advantage, followed by the team which has played the most number of games. The top 5 teams based on this criteria are automatically entered into the quarterfinals. The next 48 teams play in the four-game wildcard playoffs, leaving 3 undefeated teams to become the last quarterfinalists.

Wildcard Playoffs
The first four games of the playoffs are the Wildcard Playoffs to determine the final three quarterfinalists. This is a single-elimination playoff, and the three teams which win all four games will advance to the quarterfinals. Each round, the team with the best record will match up against the team with the worst record, second best with the second worst, and so on. The team with the best record will play as the home team. These games will be held two hours apart. See the table on the right for details.

The five teams with the best record and the three teams which win the wildcard playoffs will compete in the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals is a best-of-3 format with the games spaced two hours apart. The team with the better record will play as the home team during all three games of the quarterfinals.

The teams with the best and worst record are matched up in one semifinal. The other two teams are matched up in the other. The semifinals is a best-of-3 format with the games spaced two hours apart. The team with the better record will play as the home team during all three games of the semifinals.

The finals is a best-of-5 format. There are two hours between each game, and an additional two hours after the second and fourth games.

  27th   28th  
12:00 AM GMT
(Best of 3)

02:00 AM GMT
(4 Rounds)

04:00 AM GMT

06:00 AM GMT

08:00 AM GMT

10:00 AM GMT
(Best of 5)

12:00 PM GMT

02:00 PM GMT
(Best of 3)

04:00 PM GMT

(Best of 5)

06:00 PM GMT

08:00 PM GMT
10:00 PM GMT

Your fans will help to create a home field advantage during the playoffs, increasing your offensive performance.

Park Closed
The park will be closed to pick-up games during the playoffs. Managers are encouraged to take this time to review their lineup and choose their training options for their players. Managers must choose training options by the first of the month, or their training will not take place!

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