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28 October 2050 @22:54 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Park Semifinals Begi: 22.9 hours ago Signing Announcement: 22.9 hours ago Park Finals Begin: 12.9 hours ago Fanbase Shrinks: 5.4 minutes Winter Leagues Begin: 65.4 minutes Signing Announcement: 65.4 minutes Signing Announcement: 25.1 hours Signing Announcement: 2 days

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2050 Playoffs, Complete
Congratulations to the Champions!

Bulletproof Tiger
3051 wins, 1197 losses
12,689 fans

Thanks everyone for playing!
The new season will begin soon. Be sure to set your training!

DH Used for All Games
All Rounds
2050 Playoffs, Complete
2050 Playoffs, Championship
2050 Playoffs, Semifinals
2050 Playoffs, Quarterfinals
2050 Playoffs, Wildcard Round 4
2050 Playoffs, Wildcard Round 3
2050 Playoffs, Wildcard Round 2
2050 Playoffs, Wildcard Round 1

This is the park, where you can play live games against other teams. You can view the games being played to the left, login below to play, or sign up for a free account.


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