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7 May 2044 @22:45 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Stadium Editor Opens: 22.8 hours ago Leagues Unlock for N: 22.8 hours ago Generate Rookies: 2.6 days League Finances Unlo: 3.1 days Public Offers Begin: 3.1 days Player Extensions Of: 1.9 weeks Public Offer Deadlin: 1.9 weeks Expired Permits out : 1.9 weeks

Name: Horacio Smith
Age: 25 years
Hand: Right
Position: Leftfielder

Training Failed
Batting Technique
HIT +2, BSP +7, POW +2
Batting Technique
HIT +5
Batting Technique
CAT +8, THR +1, AWR +2
Rookie trained in 2037

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