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11 June 2047 @12:22 GMT

Season Milestones NOW League Finances Unlo: 12.4 hours ago Public Offers Begin: 12.4 hours ago Public Offers Close: 9.5 days Remove Expired Permi: 9.5 days Extensions Open: 9.5 days Leave League Deadlin: 2.2 weeks Buyout Deadline: 2.2 weeks Extensions Deadline: 2.2 weeks

Available Now!

Stadium Permit Benefits

  • Custom Stadium - build your own stadium by selecting seating areas and concessions
  • League Play - create or join a league and play a 162-game schedule each season
  • Multiple Teams - control two teams, one in the park, and one to play league games in your stadium
  • Best Players - sign contracts with players to bring them onto your team
  • Trade Players - trade with other teams in your league according to the league rules
  • Team Finances - spend ticket revenues and concession money on players, trainers, advertising, and stadium upgrades
  • Custom Playoffs - each league ends the season with their own customizable playoffs

Biggest Stadiums
Fanta Field
Home of the Royals
cap. 43,500 fans

Singularity Field
This Place Sucks
cap. 43,500 fans

Edward Poole Memorial Ballpark
The Fish Tank
cap. 43,500 fans

Citizens Bank Park
Home of the Phillies
cap. 43,500 fans

The Massive Hole
Winning takes precedence over all. No Gray Area. No almosts.
cap. 43,500 fans

Drink Stand
serves 400 fans
beer $11.08
lemonade $6.33
peanuts $5.54
Food Stand
serves 400 fans
hot dog $11.88
cracker jack $7.13
water $4.75
Concession Booth
serves 1000 fans
hamburger $13.46
ice cream $8.71
soda $4.75
Food Court
serves 2500 fans
pizza $3.17
premium ice cream $11.88
nachos $7.92
Hat Stand
serves 800 fans
baseball hat $63.34
Souvenir Booth
serves 1200 fans
jacket $237.53
batting glove $110.85
baseball $15.84
Souvenir Shop
serves 1800 fans
official jersey $380.04
shirt $95.01
flag $31.67
Team Store
serves 2500 fans
leather jacket $633.41
custom jersey $253.36
autographed baseball $79.18
foam finger $15.84

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