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28 October 2049 @21:26 GMT

Season Milestones NOW Park Semifinals Begi: 21.4 hours ago Signing Announcement: 21.4 hours ago Park Finals Begin: 11.4 hours ago Fanbase Shrinks: 1.6 hours Winter Leagues Begin: 2.6 hours Signing Announcement: 2.6 hours Signing Announcement: 26.6 hours League Finances Due: 26.6 hours

vs. RHP without DH
#   Hit Bsp Pow Spd

vs. RHP with DH
#   Hit Bsp Pow Spd

vs. LHP without DH
#   Hit Bsp Pow Spd

vs. LHP with DH
#   Hit Bsp Pow Spd

Fielding Sucks
436 wins, 475 losses
20,253 fans
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Your team has four different lineups, displayed to the left. When a game starts, the appropriate lineup is used based on the handedness of the opposing pitcher and whether the Designated Hitter rule is in effect. To edit a lineup, click on the Edit button beneath the player list. The automatic manager will review your rosters and create your lineups for you, if you use it.

When leagues are available, you will be able to specify specific lineups to use against specific pitchers in your league. This will be especially important when playing against teams in your division, where your batters may have faced the same pitcher many times.
SimYard has a specific feature to it which allows for a specific pitcher or batter to have the edge. There is no way for anyone to know which specific combinations of pitchers and batters this effects, but the majority of them are unaffected. Even then, only in few cases is it really pronounced, but the point is that you will never know. If the whole process were truly random, you would never choose not to start someone against a certain pitcher just because their history favors the pitcher. Think about a batter that just can't seem to get on top of a certain pitcher's fastball. Would you start him?

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